Tang Yi Chuen

Throughout this camp, I have learnt new skills and knowledge. This camp is a kinda fun and interesting. Besides, I made new friends here. This camp help improve my skills. Teachers were interesting and funny. Last but not least, this camp helps me a lot.

Lucas and Keith Lim

This is the second year that we pined the conference. It is definitely enriching and inspiring for both kids and the parents. Looking forward to the next conference. Thanks to all the helpers, clinicians, teachers and organizer.

Lauren & Laurel Loh

It is wonderful and very well-organized. My 2 girls and boy love Dr. Terry so much that they look forward to it. It will nice if the next SISC can be longer like 1 week or 5 days. My kids simply love it and find it too short.

Yeo Zing Ying

A conference that appeals to all our senses! Inspiring and enjoyable. Introducing the Dalcroze class into the circulation is refreshing! Hope to have vocal workshop incorporated next time.

Kan E Shan Erica

SISC has indeed been an enriching experience. It has been an honour learning from renowned clinicians and performing. Looking forward to SISC 2016.

Koh Jia Jia

To me, this string conference was awesome. This camp made me brave. I have learnt lots of new knowledge throughout this camp. Besides, teachers here were funny, kind and helpful. I had lots of fun during Orchestra. The teacher was kind of funny. Apart from this, I have learnt lots of new skills in masterclass. […]