Talk by Antonella Maria Aloigi

Topic: Application of Universal Design for Learning guidelines to instrumental music learning and teaching.
(For teachers, music students and parents of students of all ages)

Synopsis of the talk: A brief introduction of the UDL guidelines (CAST) and explore their application to learning a musical instrument, with the objective of sharing effective ways to overcome common barriers to learning. Participants will be involved through practical activities to experience how we can provide multiple means of engagement, representation, action and expression to ourselves and our students.

Talk by Lauren Posey

Topic : It’s the Little Things.

Tips and tricks on navigating the string pedagogy world as a student, parent, and teacher. From practicing tips to nurturing a relationship with your teacher. Dr Lauren Posey will talk about what changes and practices have made the biggest difference for her studio.

Presentation on Violin and bow Maintenance by J.X. Young

1) Health of your instrument

  • Some common issues (bridge, pegs, post etc)
  • What are some of the common works required and how they are performed
  • Common secondary problems and preventive measure. (Buzzing, vibrations etc)

2) How to spot potential problems

  • bridge
  • pegs
  • Strings

3) How to fix some simple problems

  • Buzzing
  • Vibrations
  • Tuning off
  • Accessories (eg fine tuner): Usage and limitations

4) Humidity and temperature variation

  • Humidity and sound
  • Damaged cause by humidity
  • Prevention and care

5) Varnish; an overall explanation

  • Types of varnish
  • Cleaning (Rosin, dirt etc)
  • Polishing (types of polish, DIY polish)
  • Scratches
  • Prevention and care

6) Health of your bow

  • Health of the stick; cambering.
  • When to rehair
  • Myth and reality of bow hair
  • Rosin and its usage
  • Consumable and bow parts
  • Common bow repair