Emma Wong

Fantastic! The programmes are well organised. We love the packed lunch and buffet ideas. This place is great for all musicians, big and small. Emma has enjoyed the conference so much! As the year draws to an end and everyone feels lazy and tired, the conference adds a surge to the thinning enthusiast. Well done […]

Myra Rena Choo Jia En

The SISC 2010 is simply great. The teachers are fun and encouraging. I’m so motivated that I continue to practise even after a whole day of playing my violin.

Vivian Petkova

I am very pleased and greatful to be a part of SISC 2010, which was very well organized with the exceptional support of all teachers and principal involved. For me it was an honour and a real pleasure to meet so many people with different nationalities and cultures. I’m looking forward to participate in the […]

Colin Toh Sze Peng

Great conference! Lots of learning for Colin. Definetly brought up the interest level in music and especially playing the violin. Eye opener for Colin especially in playing orchestra, understanding dynamic and emotions expression thru music.

Jean Yeo

Simply magical. We never get tired of participating in this event year after year! The venue was a great choice. Thanks to all the professors, teachers and organizers