• Terry Durbin
  • "Special effects with your instrument"

    Learn to create a whole spectrum of sounds on your string instruments!

  • Randal Harrison
    "Improvisation for Students"

    IMPROVISATION: In this program we’ll “think outside the box” inspiring studies of
    creativity, music theory, composition and musical expression. Students will play with
    song forms, harmonic structures, sound effects and free improvisation to create their
    own performances, or in a word - improvise!

  • Dr. Cathleen Jeffcoat
    "Developing Vibrato"

  • This fifty-minute lecture presentation has been designed to address the instructional needs of string teachers teaching vibrato from the private string studio and public school level to the college level of instruction. The introduction of vibrato to a string player is an important part of their technical and artistic development. Participants - students and teachers - may interact in this session with or without musical instruments, and will acquire general and specific knowledge of a progression from basic to advanced techniques of vibrato, including the use of the method Viva Vibrato! by Gerald Fischbach and Robert Frost (Kjos Music Press).

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Röbke

    - Is string playing something weird or does the body offer resources of everyday movements which one could make use of?

    - "Musicking" already at the beginning - developing technique and making music in a circular way?

    - What does "practicing" mean to children?

  • Gramercy Music
    "Instrument Maintenance"
  • Am I cleaning my instrument the right way? Is my instrument broken? Is it in tune? How do I know if it needs to be repaired? If you find yourself asking these questions, Gramercy Music’s Maintenance Workshop will be able to answer all your burning string-related questions!

    Learn about what affects the sound of your instrument, how often to change the strings and what are the necessary tools to care for your instruments. From tuning to cleaning, will show you how it is done the right way so you can do it yourself!


    Disclaimer: The information and views expressed in the talks by the speakers are of their personal views and experiences. This does not represent the view of Artistes International Pte Ltd and the organization is not to be held liable for it.