"Practice and Motivation - “HELP! My child doesn’t want to practice!""
  by: Antonella Maria Alogi

Survival kit, practical tips, inspiration and motivation for parents (and grandparents), teachers and students.

"The Role of Happiness, a Positive Attitude and Self-Motivated Autotelic Learning in Teaching and Learning"
by: Timothy Durbin

Is happiness and a positive environment really necessary to create the best learning environment? Come and find out what neuroscience and the latest studies say about the learning environment and what you should be doing to foster the optimum learning environment for your child!

"Intro to Improvisation / How to Incorporate Improvisation into Your Teaching Studio (for teachers)"
by: Randal Harrison Hoecherl

A walk-through and discussion of the Games played in the Student Improvisation class and other pieces and ideas for both private and group lessons.

"Introducing the principles of the Alexander Technique & Body Mapping"
by: Eddy Malave

Talk about playing with pain and what are some probable causes of it. Discover unconscious habits and how to use observation and awareness to the consciousness. How to play longer without pain.

"Humidity and Your Instrument"
by: Wayne Yap (Synwin Music)

On the subject of instrument care, with particular attention to the effects of climate and various practical measures to safekeep instruments under higher humidity.

"Investing in your child's music education"
by: DR Jipson Quah

A seminar for students and parents on music education in Singapore.

Dr Jipson Quah shares with us various aspects of music education in Singapore, be it private instrumental tuition or institutionalised education such as MEP, O-level, A-level or IB music.

Learn about what is involved in graded and diploma examinations with different examination boards, the investments and possible returns. Join us to learn about your musical journey ahead and ways to maximise your potential!