Technique Class(Cello/Violin):
A set of repertoire of different levels will be given in advance for the participants to prepare. It will be most beneficial to the students if they could learn these pieces by memory. Participants will be taught on the technical aspects of instrumental playing, how to improve it to a higher level and to perform the pieces for the final concerts.

A set of repertoire of different levels will be given in advance for the participants to prepare.
Participants will be guided by an orchestra conductor on the orchestral technique to improve it to a higher level for performance during the gala concert.

Viola Sectional:
Students will be prepared to perform as a section for the orchestra. Technical and musical aspects will be covered.

Participants will prepare 1 or 2 pieces of their own choice and receive individual coaching from the faculty. The masterclasses may be observed by the rest of the conference participants.

Additional Masterclasses:
Participants can register for additional masterclass with their preferred Clinicians (Subject to availability).

Dalcroze classes:
Highly-energized, popular and proven method to teach music rhythm, pulse and sensitivity to music. For examples of Dalcroze classes, please click here.

Faculty Concerts:
Invited professors will perform for the participants and the public.

Special Effects Class:
Have fun playing your string instruments in the most unconventional and ingenious ways, and learn how to compliment a story or movie script with violin sound effects.

Fun Time Performance by the Faculty:
The faculty will perform music and skits to make you laugh till you drop!

Violin/Cello Taster:
The Taster Workshop provides children age 5-10 (Violin) and age 5-12 (Cello) to experience playing the instrument.
Instruments are provided by Gramercy. Participants will have 45 minutes group class + 15 minutes individual class for 3 days + Performance on the last day of conference

The Taster Workshop also allows the parent and the child to attend all talks/concerts and explore all the sessions at the conference, a valuable experience in observing the learning process of string playing.

Talks by Clinician:
  • Special effects with your instrument
  • Improvisation for Students
  • Developing Vibrato
  • Instrument Maintenance
Lunch Time Concerts(Optional):
Participants can perform solos, duets and in smaller groups.

Final Rehearsal & Gala Concert:
Final Rehearsal & Gala Concert for participants will be held on the last day of the conference.

All student participants will be featured in the Gala Concert held on the last day of the conference. Concert ticket is priced at $20,- (student participants do not need to purchase tickets). Concert attire : either Black / White / Black and White; long sleeve shirt and pants for boys and 2-piece/dress for girls with matching shoes.