Participant : Emily Tan
Feedback : The curriculum is fun. My daughter looks forward to joining the classes everyday. I think the 4 day event is just right for the children to get to know the techniques and the love for music. My daughter enjoys every class by Dr Terry Durbin the most and she is forever looking forward to attend his class. He gets the parents to join in with the children's learning, which helps in parent and child bonding!
Participant : Chan Sien Onn Axel Emmanuel
Feedback : Interesting and fun. Engaging with a lot of interaction. Knowledgeable and energetic. Staff are helpful and friendly.
Participant : Jayden Kwan
Feedback : A good mix of fun and learning during technique and orchestra lessons. Ms Kam Ning was encouraging and patient and feedback given during masterclass was most useful. She helped the participants to visualize the character of each piece. Dr Terry and Mr Randal brought out the smiles and laughters in the participants such that they find joy in playing their violins. Jay enjoyed the SISC conference greatly. When told that he had to wait another 2 years for the next one, he went what?! That's too long to wait!.
Participant : Shavonne Looi
Feedback : It is excellent, a truly eye opener for first timer. 4 days of just being imnersed in music and being around musicians.They are amazing, if only all of them are based in Singapore!
Participant : Carmen Cheow Qinyi
Feedback : Conference are well organised. A wide range of different classes to expose the children. All the lecturers are fantastic! We have Dr Terry Durbin for both orchestra and technique. It's been a great experience for both myself and my daughter. We will definitely sign up again for the next conference.
Participant : Joanna Seah / Edna Han
Feedback : Rich in depth and range yet a well balanced curriculum. Professional and strict often with a tint of humor for the rainbow during classes. Keep up the good organisation and rich curriculum.
Participant : Noah Jan Pedersen
Feedback : Very satisfying, fullfilled. The masterclasses were so valuable great opportunity to learn. Amazing experience, Very well organised, friendly staff.
Participant : Loh Ngee Hean Bryan
Feedback : Holistic and comprehensive Schedule well thought out. Nurturing and fun.
Participant : Lim Jing Rui
Feedback : Curriculum on the whole was engaging. The newly added improvisation class was a hit with my kid! So happy to see the participants opening up and expressing themselves freely through their instruments during the class. Hopefully we will have the class again at the next conference! All the clinicians we had were very inspiring and encouraging, besides bringing with them their expertise. This is our third conference, and my child still wants more! Kudos to all the clinicians and staff!