Participant : Jennifer Goh Zhen Ni
Feedback : The string conference is really an enjoyable experience for me. I learnt many things from this conference. I wish that conferences like this will occur often.
Participant : Wong Ai Chi
Feedback : This is my first time at SISC and I find it really enjoyable! I will surely come back in 2014!
Participant : Patricia Selia & Sophia Shalini
Feedback : We had a wonderful time, learning so much from the professors, not only did we make friends but developed a sense of musicianship, respecting and devoting the 4 days to great unity. Well done SISC 2012
Participant : Seah Shirley & Deborah
Feedback : This conference is well organised. I learnt a lot from talks given by Ms. Ramona Stirling/Mr. Michael Mclean(Inspiring your child to love music) and Linda Fiore/Dominic Fiore(a meal or a gourmet experience) and I enjoyed the talks with Terry on special effects with your instrument. Overall this camp inspiresmy child and myself to love and appreciate music. Thank you. Well done.
Participant : Fong Shir-Ning
Feedback : A very well oraganised conference. Excellent faculty members & facilities. Great conference location. Shir-Ning says the conference made her like violin very much.
Participant : Megan & Joshua
Feedback :

Congratulations on another well organized SISC event. Megan and Joshua actually really enjoyed themselves tremendously. "Actually" because previous years, they didn't like it, but we still wanted them to go because we felt it was a good learning experience. This year, both kids actually looked forward to going back for SISC the next day throughout the program.

I think the overall program is very concise, well run and timing fantastic. Of course, the dedication of the teachers and administrators make it work.

Participant : Rachel
Feedback : I would like to thank you for enriching experience Rachel had at the 2012 Singapore International String Conference. It was an eye opener and wonderful opportunity for her to have masterclasses with Mr. Ang and Mr. Ng